Delhi-NCR earthquake: 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Nepal

Last night, Delhi suffered from a heavy earthquake. This earthquake was very sudden and unexpected as there was not any expectation of this earthquake. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake occurred in Nepal because of that strong tremors were felt in Delhi. The earthquake was more heavy in Mepal but in Delhi, it was a little bit lower. This earthquake occurred at 11:32 pm on 3rd November 2023, Friday. This is the first earthquake of this month. And the first earthquake of this month has shaken up the entire Nepal and Delhi. Most of the residents are still in a big shock and they are scared. Now read this entire article to learn everything.


Delhi-NCR earthquake

According to the National Center for Seismology, On 3rd November 2023, Friday, a very shocking earthquake of 6.4 magnitude occurred in Nepal. Because of the earthquake in Nepal very hard tremors were faced in Delhi, India. The entire India felt an earthquake last night. Some people felt about the earthquake but some people don’t. It has been analyzed that the earthquake hit at a depth of 10 km and occurred at a latitude of 28.84N and longitude of 82.19 E. Scroll down to learn more details about this tragic earthquake.

Many people from the national capital are sharing the video of the time when the earthquake occurred. As some video has been seen fans in the houses are shaking up because of the earthquake. A lot of people ran out of their houses in Delhi because of the horrific earthquake. As per the records, the tremors which have been felt in Delhiweres more than 7 seconds. The National Center for Seismology has claimed that the earthquake started at 11:32 pm last night which forced people to run outside of their houses. They have suggested people stay alert because there are some chances that earthquakes can occur once again in Nepal. Since last month, till now Nepal has felt three earthquakes. And Delhi has also faced three earthquakes since last month.

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As per the sources, the Delhi-NCR region felt an earthquake on 3rd October 2023, and then the earthquake again occurred in Delhi and NCR on 15th October 2023, And now yesterday Delhi again felt an earthquake. There is a very risky situation in Nepal and Delhi right now. And the new biggest breaking news is that an earthquake of magnitude 3.1 jolts Delhi NCR epicenter in Faridabad today. yes, this earthquake has been felt today. More details regarding this earthquake will be going to be shared very soon.

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