Delhi air quality: Gopal Rai flags off special water sprinkler campaign from Delhi Secretariat

In this article, we are going to look at Delhi air quality Live Updates. Now Gopal Rai has flagged off the special water sprinkler campaign from Delhi Secretarist. All the regions of Delhi, NCR are currently in the very poor category as per the air quality on 14th November 2023, Tuesday. SAFAR has recently shared data which has given a big shock to many people. The current air quality of Delhi stands at 373. But this is less than before some days. The situation before some days was very critical but the sudden rain decreased the pollution level. But after Diwali, the air quality situation is going more worsen. Because a lot of people burn firecrackers which has raised the pollution level. Check out this entire article to learn everything.

Gopal Rai

On 14th November 2023, Tuesday, the air quality in Delhi, NCR has recorded and it has been categorized as very poor. According to the date given by SAFAR. the air quality in the entire national capital has stood up at 373. It has been recorded that on the night of Diwali 2023, the entire city was engulfed in a very thick layer of smog and a lot of toxic haze which continued to suspend on the next day following the unprecedented bursting of the firecrackers.

According to the CPCB data, the AQI in Delhi recorded 312 on Diwali last year, 382 in 2021, 414 in 2020, 337 in 2019, 281 in 2018, 319 in 2017, and 431 in 2016. The IQAir, the Swiss company that specializes in air quality monitoring, followed by Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan. Kolkata and Mumbai have been ranked sixth and fifth in the list of the most polite cities in this entire world. A lot of areas in Haryana, Punjab has been reported the air quality induced in the poor and very poor categories. Scroll down.

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Gopal Rai, the Environment Minister of Delhi stated on 14th November 2023, Tuesday that the people who are associated with the BJP are now offering absurd justifications for the supporting firecracker bursting on the occasion of Diwali 2023. The firecracker bursting now results in a sharp spike in the level of pollution in Delhi, NCR. He has also said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has alleged that the Aam Aadmi Party government in the national capital has failed to curb firecracker bursting. BJP has controlled the police in Delhi, Haryana, and UP which has failed in preventing the firecracker from burning at the time of Diwali 2023 not the government of Delhi.

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