Darktide Beta a Limited Look at the Full Game

There were only four static missions in the beta, all of which had the same boring scavenger-hunt objectives and unimpressive progression mechanisms that plagued the studio’s previous, critically acclaimed game, Vermintide 2.

Despite what Fatshark had promised, the missions were all extremely similar, there were few customization options, few weapons, no reward chests, no leaderboards, and no opportunities to craft. Although betas aren’t meant to be indicative of the final product, I couldn’t help but feel like I was playing a different game from the one Fatshark had promised.

Darktide Beta a Limited Look at the Full Game

While my initial impression wasn’t particularly positive, I was still looking forward to launching because the studio had promised early access as a pre-order bonus. Darktide, like many other online games, had a soft launch, or what is technically still beta, a few weeks before the full release. Darktide’s content is being released gradually over the course of the beta phase, with new features being added every few days until the full game is available to the public.

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The new closed beta launched last Thursday, and if you started playing then, you would have found an experience that was quite similar to the previous beta. A full understanding of what Darktide is won’t be available for nearly two weeks, despite the fact that the game is playable. Despite Fatshark’s second chance to make a good first impression, the game’s current state isn’t much better than the last beta and is really worse in a few key respects.

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Even though Week 1 and Week 3 are only four and three days long respectively, the launcher provides a link to a what to expect blog post that lays out the roadmap for the closed beta. There are four changing missions spread across four zones in the first week, and additional difficulty is added by the Power Supply Interruption and Ventilation Purge circumstances.

That, plus the fact that scavenger hunt side tasks keep coming back, seems to be the only things that qualify these missions as changing. Only three of these missions have been seen before; the rest are brand new, and there have been a few tweaks to the gameplay, the user interface, and the cutscenes since the beta in October.

The new showcase missions are excellent and provide welcome diversity, such as the terrifying slug-like miniboss The Beast of Nurgle. Some of the alterations, however, detract from the overall experience of playing the game.

Movement speed seems to have been nerfed across the board, and it feels like you can’t suppress ranged enemies anymore unless you’re actually standing on top of them, and the mage-like Psyker class got severe nerfs that prohibit it from spamming its head-exploding ability. Despite the game’s increased smoothness, it still feels slower than previously.

On the 21st of November, four additional missions were introduced. There will be a total of 13 missions, one new zone, and new conditions at the worldwide launch, with two more missions added in a week before the game goes offline for half a day.

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Fatshark aims to keep players’ progress between the beta and launch, but in the event something unanticipated or critical happens, they reserve the right to delete everyone’s account. Keep in mind that this is just the test version. The issue with a gradual rollout of such a game is that it goes against the expectations of the players.

The term beta has been thrown around too loosely as a marketing gimmick by the business. That’s apparently what Fatshark was up to, too, given how quickly the beta phase transitions into the official release.

Darktide Beta
Darktide Beta

It’s understandable that players might be perplexed and frustrated to learn that only a small portion of the game is playable. Players still had to pay for the game even if the beta was legit and the developer was just utilizing it to gather information and opinions. If you have to pay to participate, it’s not a beta, and it doesn’t matter what they call it. It’s called purchasing a game.

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The delayed delivery of content during the first weekend of the closed beta does not inspire confidence, especially in light of the previous underwhelming beta test. I’m not seeing the mission variety, character development, or interesting gear options that Fatshark previously described, and I’m not particularly motivated to grind the same handful of missions with so little payoff for two weeks, especially since there’s a chance progress might get wiped again anyway.

For a game I’ve been anticipating for so long, that’s an odd spot to be in, but I’d rather play the full game than this strange, empty build that lacks key features and content.

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Frequently asked questions

Will Darktide have an open beta?

Your progress from the Warhammer: 40K Darktide beta will be carried over to the final game. All your progress in the open beta will be safe, as stated by Fatshark in a recent tweet.

How long does the Darktide beta last?

Beta testing for Fatshark's eager disciples will take place from the 17th through the 29th of November, yielding invaluable insights before the official release. Your obligations do not end just because you rejected the Imperium.

How many playable characters are in Darktide?

You have 12 distinct characters to bark at, spread over 4 classes and 3 archetypes. A strict Zealot will be rude to everyone because they are all heretics, but an Ogryn can be either a mindless thug or a loyal buddy.



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