Collins Dictionary declared “AI,” the abbreviation for artificial intelligence, as the Word of the Year for 2023

AI is the new generation, has made the work of individuals easy, and on the other hand, it has also risked the careers of employees. Now Collin Dictorinoary has officially made AI the winner of Word Of the Year for 2023. Yes, this news is true. AI is now the winner of Word of the Year 2023 as this year AI has gone up to an advanced level and everybody is just talking about artificial intelligence and not just everybody is working with AI. Working with AI in this generation is very important as everybody has to cope with the new technology if everybody has to maintain a race. Now read this article till the end to learn everything regarding the Word of the Year 2023.


Alex Beecroft, the Collins managing director has now clearly highlighted the remarkable growth of Artificial intelligence in 2023. As we have seen this year AI has seen a lot of growth and it has gone up high. In the entire world, AI is now being used every single day, every single hour, and every single minute. Now AI is a part of our lives as it helps in maintaining our work.

Recently, Collins Dictionary officially declared Ai as the winner of Word of the Year for this year because of its immense growth which was unexpected. This decision has been made by the lexicographers at the Collins Dictionary who have analyzed the growth in the usage of this term. It has made the dominant conversation of 2023. Alex Beecroft has shared the reports and he has highlighted the increase of AI influence in 2023. He has stated that he knows that Artificial intelligence has been the largest and biggest focus of 2023 in the way of work and development and AI has immediately and easily become embedded in the lives of every single person in this world through streaming, email, and or any other devices.

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AI is the new technology of this generation which is now used by all the people in this world who are working. To select this choice the Collins Dictionary has observed that the Collins Corpus which is a database containing more than 20 billion words from written material includes the word which has been used on websites, newspapers, magazines, and books that are published worldwide. It has also been analyzed that the word Ai is also being used a lot of time on social media, TV, radio, and one everyday conversations of people. So because of that, the winner of Word of the Year 2023 is AI.

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