Israel-Hamas War: Joe Biden says Have ‘no confidence’ in Palestinian death count

In this article, we are going to provide the top 10 updates regarding the Israel and Hamas war. As we all know the war between Israel and Hamas is at a peak level and it is not known when this war is going to stop. This was started when Hamas a terrorist group from Palestine a surprise rocket attack on Israel. Then on the next day, Israel announced the war. Since then Israel has been attacking Palestine. Because of the Hamas, many innocent people of Palestine have lost their lives. Now US President Joe Biden has said that they have no confidence in the death count of Palestinians. Now read this entire article to learn everything.

Joe Biden

The war of Israel-Hamas has reached to the day 20. On this, the president of the US has asked whether the Palestinian Health Ministry death count includes 2,700 children or not. Israel was ignoring the appeals made by the US to reduce the civilian deaths in the bombardment of the coastal enclave. This war has marked the deadliest of the five Gaza wars for both sides. Now scroll down to the next paragraph to learn about the 10 new updates regarding this ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Yesterday, the President of the US Joe Biden expressed doubt regarding the accuracy of the Palestinian death number figures in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. As we all have learned China and Russia have voted on a UN resolution condemning Hamas attacks on Israel., So the Ambassador of Israel has suggested that these countries may be responsible forcefully if they had seen a similar massacre. Now Israel is looking to postpone the planning of ground offenses in Gaza. US President, Joe Biden has now raised their voice to retaliatory attacks by the Israeli settlers against Palestine people in the West Bank.

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Now Japan has officially called on Israel to halt the military operations in Gaza to start the humanitarian aid so that it can reach the entire region. Russia has also given a warning in which they have claimed that the Israel and Hamas conflict has some big implications that are beyond the Middle East because of the delay in the humanitarian aid to Gaza. Florida has now ordered the state universities to ban on pro-Palestinian student organizations from the college campuses for supporting Hamas. The UN has given a warning that the Gaza blockade has now led to a reduction in the supply of fuel.

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