Chapter 5 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Gameplay Footage Has Been Released

Some fresh gameplay footage from Chapter 5 of the impending Resident Evil 4 remake has been making the rounds, which should help quell the antsy anticipation of those who are looking forward to the remake but can’t wait. After the popularity of Dead Space, developers won’t stop at just one remake of a classic horror game.

Fans of games that made a significant influence on the horror genre the first time around have a lot to look forward to, including RE4 and Bloober’s remake of the famous Silent Hill 2. There have been a number of games in Capcom’s flagship survival series throughout the years, with Resident Evil 4 being considered by many to be among the series’ finest entries.

As a result of all the adulation, it’s not unexpected that people are excited about the remake. Hopefully, the wait won’t be too long, but in the meantime, new footage has surfaced that fans are likely to find tantalizing. A video showcasing roughly 12 minutes of the remade Resident Evil 4 courtesy of Game Informer.

Chapter 5 of the Resident Evil 4
Chapter 5 of the Resident Evil 4

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Here, you may get a taste of Chapter 5, which is where Leon Kennedy finally locates Ashley, several hours into the story. This section features nighttime run-ins with the locals and the infamous cabin firefight between Carlos and the townspeople.

New footage, like teasers and photographs released beforehand, showcases a significantly darker and moodier tone compared to the initial 2005 release. This video should be entertaining to anyone who is looking forward to this remake.

YouTube video

Game Informer’s clip is only one of several fan-favorite moments from the original Resident Evil 4 that will be re-created in the remake. This fresh take on the classic RE game will give longtime fans an opportunity to recreate the experience in a cutting-edge package while introducing curious newcomers to the game’s enduring appeal.

However, this is more than a simple remake of an existing game. Capcom reportedly plans to add monsters that were deleted from the original Resident Evil 4 as well as some surprises and side objectives to the story.

Overall, it seems like the developer has a firm grasp on what its target demographic is looking for, and that goes well beyond a remake of an old game, even one as acclaimed as RE4. The reimagining will undoubtedly contain some elements that fans would recognize, while also introducing some new ones.

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