Call of Duty Players Desire the Return of Classic Attachment

Some Call of Duty veterans has spoken up to express their desire to see the return of a fan-favorite weapon attachment in the franchise’s current games. Due to Call of Duty’s annual release schedule, features, and weapons are constantly evolving, and it is not always easy to predict what will return in the next installment, no matter how well received it was in the previous iteration.

Call of Duty has had many different eras, each with its own memorable moments, whether they be meme-worthy scenes, impressive set pieces, or even small chunks of gameplay that perfectly encapsulate the fantasy of unlimited power that the games sell themselves on. This final part occurs in both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer mode, the latter of which is notable for the abundance of powerful weapons and attachments available to players.

Call of Duty Players Desire the Return of Classic Attachment
Call of Duty Players Desire the Return of Classic Attachment

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Reddit user chicken-master200 wrote a post advocating for the return of the Tactical Knife, which is one such attachment:

Its purpose is straightforward: as an accessory for pistols, it facilitates faster melee attacks and, consequently, quicker kills for the player character. However, while other beloved elements of the franchise’s history, such as Gun Game, have made a comeback, the Tactical Knife seems to have been forgotten by the developers working on Call of Duty titles.

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A large number of users have commented on the post, and it has received roughly 1,800 upvotes so far. Those who have responded have been all over the map, from those who think it should be brought back to those who say the throwing knives in Call of Duty are a fine replacement and even more who have come up with creative ways to merge the Tactical Knife and the throwing knives. In this article, we hear from several long-time players who fondly recall the attachment’s brief but memorable appearance in the games.

Some have suggested that, in the event that there is no new mainline Call of Duty this year, we get a remaster of Modern Warfare 3, which could bring back weapons and attachments like the Tactical Knife. Since the first two games in the series have been ported to modern platforms (albeit with only the campaign in Modern Warfare 2), a remaster of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with multiplayer would almost certainly mean the return of the Tactical Knife and serve as an ideal testing ground to see if modern players enjoy using it.

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