H-1B Visas: ‘Indians To Benefit Most’ As US To Start Domestic Work Visa Renewal

In this article, we would like to take you to focus on H-1B visas. Now Indians are going to receive benefits as the United States is going to start working the domestic work visa renewal this week. United States is all set to start a pilot program for the domestic renewal of certain categories of H-1B visas in December 2023. This is going to give big benefits to technology professionals. This is a very great news for the entire India. This news has been claimed by US officials recently. Read out this entire article to learn every single thing regarding this topic. So let’s start now.


According to the source, the United States is all prepared to start working on the pilot program for the domestic renewal of certain categories of H-1B visas in December 2023. These steps are going to give big benefits in large numbers to Indian technology professionals. In June 2023, the White House announced the official plan regarding this program at the time of the visit of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of Visa Services, Julie Stufft has recently said that in India, the demand for US visas is very high. Continue reading in the next paragraph.

Julie Stufft also said in an interview that the wait time of six, eight, and twelve months is not what they need and it is not indicative of how they are looking at India. They want to ensure that Indian travelers can get appointments as fast as it is possible. One way they are making that is through the domestic visa renewal program which currently has a high focus on India. There is a period of a total of three months which is going to start from December 2023, the State Department is going to officially issue 20,000 visas to the foreign nationals who are inside the country right now.

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Julie Stufft has claimed that they are going to set 20,000 in the first group. The vast majority of those are going to be Indian nationals living in the United States and they are going to expand it is going on. It is because the residents of India are the largest skilled group of workers in the US. They hope that India is going to benefit quite a little bit from this program and it is also going to prevent individuals from having to travel back to India. It is going to allow the missions in India to make their focus on the new applicants.

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