Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2 Improves the Game Experience

EA has released Update 3.2 for Battlefield 2042, which brings back the class system from earlier Battlefield games. The developers say that the reintroduction to the classic class structure is the most significant alteration to the game to date.

With this latest update, players can enjoy a revamped version of the Breakaway map, along with new vault weaponry, weapon attachments, and more. Since it is now a new year, the development team has decided to alter the method through which they communicate updates to users.

“You usually get them the day before an update goes live, but we’d want to deliver that info to you sooner. This means that in the week before the release of a significant game update, a comprehensive description of the update’s content and modifications should be made available.”

“Update 3.2.0 is a major moment for the team as we have worked on the Return to the Class System for Battlefield 2042, alongside many other changes and improvements. You’ve told us how you’d like to see gameplay evolve and we’re extremely excited to get those changes into your hands.”

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Bring Back the Class System

By reintroducing the structure and class identity from prior Battlefield games, the Return to the Class System represents the most significant modification made to Battlefield 2042 thus far.


The Specialists have now been classified into one of the more well-known Battlefield Classes, each of which represents a certain playstyle. To further promote the role of Class gameplay and to offer structure to aid in the readability of encounters while you’re on the Battlefield, we have taken our previously open pool of Equipment and Gadgets and designated them to specific Classes.

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In preparation for Update 3.2, we will be adding all the details you’ll need to the Battlefield website. You can quickly see which Specialists, Class Equipment, and Class Gadgets are applicable to each Class by reviewing the following table.

  • Dozer, Mackay, Sundance, and Zain launched an attack.
  • The Medical Pen, Required Classroom Equipment
  • Weapons and Equipment Used in Class: C5 Explosive, IBA Armor Plate, M18 Claymore, and Smoke Launcher
  • Engineers Boris, Crawford, and Lis
  • Class Tools: a Tool for Making Repairs
  • Toys for the Kids: an AT Mine, a C5 Explosive, an EOD Bot, a Javelin, an AA Rocket Launcher, and a Recoilless Gun
  • Casper, Paik, and Rao, Investigators
  • The Insertion Beacon is Required Classroom Technology.
  • Equipment for the Classroom: C5 Bomb, M18 Claymore, Prox Sensor, SOFLAM, Tracer Dart, and T-UGS
  • Angel, Falck, and the Irish are in favor.
  • Essential School Supply: Defibrillator
  • Equipment for the Classroom: M18 Claymore, Smoke Launcher, Ammo Crate, and Health Crate

Proficient Use of Weapons

Weapon Proficiencies are also new with the Restored Class System. Optional and unobtrusive bonuses that increase the likelihood that you’ll employ your Class’s designated Weapon Archetype in-game.

  • Attack Rifles: Three Supplemental Magazines
  • Engineer + Light Machine Gun = Better Coverage in Crouching or Prone Positions
  • Sniper Rifles Plus Recon Rifles = Instant, Constant, and Steady Target Acquisition
  • Assist + SMG = Quicker Reloads
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You can reintroduce Class Identity to the Battlefield and gain insight into the optimal setup for each Class by examining their respective Weapon Proficiencies.


The map size of Breakaway has been lowered and the layout has been simplified in order to facilitate more intense battles than you have seen before.

Distinct Rooms for Development

Top of the Glacier

While the location was formerly open and exposed, the penguins have now constructed an outpost town with structures that you must fight through to claim the territory.

Battlefield 2042 Update
Battlefield 2042 Update

Polar Regions

New pathways have been created to facilitate skirting between the glacier and the relocated Oil Rig, and a new flag has been placed atop the glacier to signal the overall improvement to the Ice Shelf region of Breakaway.

Floating Production Unit

At the base of the Glacier, one of our favorite playgrounds is now considerably closer to the action, making for more intense battles. The deck has been redesigned to make it easier to attack the Oil Rig from multiple directions.

Cave in the Snow

This new Capture Point is located in a Snow Cave within the glacier, which boasts a crashed MV-38 Condor and a wealth of valuable minerals.

Squatters’ Colony

The area has seen an increase in military presence and fortifications. It is hoped that the improved flow of traffic across the Workers Village as a result of cleaner navigation and shorter distances between Capture Points would keep the action constantly moving.

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Aside from doing a great job, the villagers of this town are renowned to throw the best parties. Unfortunately, we have not been invited as of yet.

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Across the globe, you can now purchase Battlefield 2042 on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC.

We hope you have found all the relevant information about the Battlefield 2042 Update 3.2 Improves the Game Experience. Stay tuned with us here for more latest news and information.

Frequently asked questions

Is Battlefield 2042 still being updated?

The announcement of plans to update Battlefield 2042 in 2023 is the latest proof that EA Dice is "all-in" on the franchise.

Has Battlefield 2042 been improved?

On September 27, 2022, the developers of Battlefield 2042 released a major midseason update that included a number of changes and bug fixes. It also brought the revised version of Renewal, following the pattern of revised maps that have been added since launch to improve the game's presentation.

What new weapons are coming to Battlefield 2042?

We now have the Rorsch Mk-4, NVK-P125, and NVK-S22. The Knife You Throw Is a Brand New Gadget. Brand-New Vault Weapons: XM8 LMG and A-91 Fresh Battle Pass.



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