Epic Games Shop Announces February 23 Free Game

Warpips replaced a recipe for disaster on the Epic Games Store, and Duskers will take Warpips’ place on February 23. This is all in keeping with the store’s typical schedule. Epic Games Shop users have until February 23 at 10 a.m. CT to redeem their Warpips for games.

An independent action strategy game, Warpips likens itself to a cross between Command & Conquer and Nexus Wars. Physically-based battles see players building armies, sending them into conflict with ground troops, air strikes, and missiles. In addition, it guarantees streamlined, fast, strategic fighting, random battles, and the absence of microtransactions and pay-to-win aspects.

Epic Games Shop Announces February 23 Free Game
Epic Games Shop Announces February 23 Free Game

The next update to the Epic Games Store may be more appealing to fans if Warpips doesn’t satisfy their needs. Players in Duskers take control of drones as they navigate abandoned spacecraft, reading through ship logs to piece together what happened to cause this vast graveyard.

It has received high marks for its unique take on the Alien genre and for the overall atmosphere it creates. Because each ship is generated procedurally, players must rely on their motion detectors to determine that something is out there. Some of the risks players face are possibly monstrosities inhabiting abandoned ships, improper fuel management, and malfunctioning drone components.

Fans of science fiction might enjoy Duskers. The game has been deemed Amazing on OpenCritic, with an 84 Top Critic Average and a 100% recommendation score from critics. It’s refreshing to see a game that deviates from science fiction’s formulaic norm in terms of tone and presentation. For some, that’s enough to warrant a look; for others, there’s always what comes next, just like with Warpips.

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Epic Games Shop Announces February 23 Free Game
Epic Games Shop Announces February 23 Free Game

Next week’s free game on the Epic Games Store will be the last one for February, as the store will continue to update throughout March. The Epic Games Store has a lot of great independent games, and it’s hard to predict what new games it will add next month.

It’s great to see some more obscure games get a focus on services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, not because Epic Games Store doesn’t add AAA games, but because the number of high-profile releases far outweighs added indies. Epic users can pick from a small selection of free titles every month.

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