Balasore train accident: Bhubaneswar civic body to dispose of 28 unclaimed bodies

In this article, we are going to talk about the Balasore train accident. As of this accident on 8th October 2023, Sunday, the Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation (BMC) authorities initiated the process of disposing total of 28 bodies which unidentified from the Odisha train accident. After four months of the triple train accident which took the lives of a total of 297 people in Odisha Balashore district. This accident occurred on 2nd June 2023, this accident occurred. This accident is now known as India’s worst rail accident in three decades. A total of 297 passengers died and more than 1,100 people were injured in this triple train accident.


Recently, the civic body has officially issued a standard operating procedure for the scientific which disposed of the 28 individual whose industries has not been figured till now. Sulochana Das, the BMC Mayor has recently said that they have issued an SOP for the scientific disposal of the unclaimed bodies of those people who lost their lives in the triple train accident. All the bodies will going to be given to the corporation in the presence of CBI and now they are also planning for the cremation on 10 October 2023, Tuesday. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has investigated the case of a triple train accident. After the investigation, the BMC has now processed the cremation of the unclaimed bodies.

Since the time this horrific triple train accident occurred all the unclaimed bodies have been in the AIIMS Bhubaneshwar in the five deep freezers contained which are procured from the Paradip Port Trust. Now the officials have started the arrangement for the transportation of the unclaimed bodies from the AIIMS to the creation place which is located in Satyanagar and Bharatpur in the city. It has been reported that now the AIIMS Bhubaneswar director is going to officially hand over the bodies to the BMC health officer as per the guidelines of the National Human Rights Commission for the creation of the bodies.

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The BMC has issued an SOP so as per the SOP, the process is going to be video graphed. The AIIMS Bhubaneshwar is now going to receive 162 bodies of which 81 bodies were handed over to the family members of the dead people. And 53 bodies were given to the family members as per the DNA test reports and the bodies of 28 dead people are still unclaimed. The identity of these 28 bodies has not been recognized yet.

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