Sydney Harbour Bridge Accident: Major delays after crash

Today’s traffic update stated that a major traffic jam occurred on Sydney Harbour Bridge. Reports have claimed that a collision took place on the bridge causing major traffic delays. As a result of the collision on the bridge, lanes have been closed except one northbound lane. Emergency services responded along with the police in abundance. As people are facing inconvenience due to two citybound lanes closed on Harbour Bridge, they are taking over the internet to know what happened at Harbour Bridge. We have got a little bit of information about the accident that resulted in heavy jams inside and outside of the city. Swipe down to know more details of the Harbour Bridge accident.

Harbour Bridge Accident
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Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Closed After A Crash

It is likely to be happened that the second harbour runner of Sydney not come soon enough as multiple vehicles piled up on the bridge leading to major commuter chaos. Some are speculating the circumstances surrounding the crash. However, the respective authorities have not confirmed or explained the cause of the crash. However, it is known that multiple vehicles piled up on the Harbour Bridge causing a major traffic jam. Two citybound lanes were closed after the crash occurred on the bridge.

Emergency services and police were called to Harbour Bridge on Tuesday morning. Shortly after the emergency services arrived, the lanes were closed from both sides. Only one northbound lane was opened. Talking about the crash, multiple vehicles were damaged on the bridge but no person was found injured in the accident. A total of three cars were involved in the Harbour Bridge accident. Paramedics and firefighters were seen on the scene after the crash. Initially, the condition of the people involved in the crash was not known but authorities have confirmed that nobody was injured.

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No one was injured, but traffic was backed up for 10km with flow-on effects for Victoria Road. A three-car accident on the Harbour Bridge caused traffic to snake back for 20km on the North Shore. The traffic authority of Sydney advised the commuters to use the Sydney Harbour Tunner instead of Harbour Bridge. However, all the lanes have re-opened but still, the traffic is slow on the bridge because citybound commuters are approaching the bridge and tunnel on the Warringah Freeway in heavy numbers. Therefore, it can plenty of extra time to travel through Harbour Bridge. Reportedly, the emergency services have been removed from the bridge.

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