Methods for Acquiring Alohomora and Mastering Lock-Picking in the Hogwarts Legacy

Due to its usefulness in picking locks, Alohomora is a must-have item in Hogwarts Legacy. There are a lot of locks at the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy that you can’t unlock, but you’ll learn Alohomora as part of the main story.

Alohomora and Mastering Lock-picking in the Hogwarts Legacy
Alohomora and Mastering Lock-picking in the Hogwarts Legacy

How to Unlock Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy?

The primary plot quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” must be completed in Hogwarts Legacy for you to learn Alohomora. This can take anywhere from three to five hours to do, depending on how quickly you are doing the tasks.

When the time comes, Gladwin Moon, the caretaker, can be found beside the Grand Staircase’s floor flame. You’ll have to help Demiguise, who is terrified of statues, by finding moons for him and destroying them along the adventure. He’ll instruct you in the use of Alohomora so that you can sneak into the faculty tower and steal some Demiguise moons.

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How to Pick Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy’s lockpicking minigame is similar to those found in other role-playing games. To find the correct position for the green and red lights, turn them anticlockwise until the corresponding gears begin to revolve. The bottom right gear is represented by the green light, which may be seen in the outer green ring. Meanwhile, the red indicator for the inner gear can be found within the red inner ring.

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For the lockpicking minigame, the correct spot for the lights is only at the cardinal and intercardinal points, or every 45 degrees. Don’t bother investigating the nooks and crannies; instead, turn your lights here. If you want to know where the lights might be, look at the image below.

How to Unlock Level Two and Level Three Locks?

There are Demiguise statues and more Demiguise moons to be found if you want to pick locks of levels two and three. Demiguise moons are only collectible after dark, so keep that in mind.

  • Level Two — Bring Gladwin Moon nine Demiguise moons.
  • Level Three — Bring Gladwin Moon thirteen Demiguise moons.

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