Fact Check: Is Alisha Khadgi Dead? Truth Behind Accident

A story on the internet emerged that Alisha Khadgi was involved in an accident in which she lost her life. Alisha Khadgi is a well-known social media influencer. Thus the news of her demise has taken the internet by storm and caused a stir leaving people astonished. When we investigated the news, we learned that this news has been circling for the past few days on social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Meanwhile, netizens have been questioning what happened to Alisha Khadgi. Is Alisha Khadgi dead or alive? Let’s analyze the ongoing viral news about Vlogger Alisha Khadgi in the following sections. Take a look below.

Alisha Khadgi Accident

Is Alisha Khadgi Dead?

The news of Alisha Khadgi’s accident piqued the attention of internet users when it was spread with the claims that the social media star lost her life in the crash. However, the innocent users did not verify the claims and forwarded them on social media. Here, we are to debunk the news of Alisha Khadgi’s death. It is inaccurate that well-known social media personality Alisha Khadgi lost her life in a crash. She is still alive. However, she has not responded to the ongoing viral news about her despite the news that has misled thousands of people. As a result of this viral news, many of her followers extended their heartfelt condolences to her family.

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We debunk the news of Alisha Khadgi’s accident as there is no official statement from her side. Notably, there is no single picture of Alisha Khadgi’s accident. It seems that the social media personality is not aware of her accident rumors. Apparently, Alisha Khadgi became a victim of an online death hoax. It is advisable that people verify sensitive information with valuable sources or official statements.

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Who Is Alisha Khadgi?

Alisha Khadgi is a content creator, Vlogger, influencer on social media, and boxer. If you are active on Facebook and Instagram, you may have come across reels of Alisha Khadgi. She is one of the rising personalities on social media especially on YouTube where she posts her vlogs. She is currently 29 years old as she was born on July 31, 1993. Her birthplace is Nepal. Alisha Khadgi is in a relationship with famous moto vlogger Rajkumar Thapa Magar. The couple also has exchanged engagement rings. She can be found on Instagram under the username @_itsalisa_46. She has more than 24K followers on Instagram. Stay tuned to this website.

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