Musina Accident: 20 people burnt to death in crash

Recently, a tragic crash has given a big shock to the community. This is the biggest shocking news of this time as a lot of people accidentally lost their lives at the same time and at the same place. And the cause of death of all the deceased people is the same. A total of 20 people lost their lives as they got burned in a recent horrific accident. Yes, this news is completely true. This accident happened in Musina, Limpopo when a bus collided and it caught fire. Read this article to know everything.

Musina Accident
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On 17 September 2023, Sunday, a total of 20 people lost their lives in a tragic bus accident. They all died as they caught fire and they burned. This accident happened on the afternoon of Sunday in Musina, Limpopo. This is the biggest shocking case of this time. This news has shattered the internet and people are in a big shock after listening to this shocking and devastating news. The identity of the victims has not been disclosed till now. When this accident happened the medical emergency services and local authorities immediately arrived at the location. Continue reading this article till last.

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It has been reported that the bus was taking mine workers to Venetia mine at the time of this crash. The bus collided with a truck and immediately it caught fire. Because of that twenty individuals lost their lives. All the mine workers who lost their lives were working on an underground project at the mine by Murray and Robert company. Even the community of Murray and Robert company is in a big shock as their workers have accidentally lost their lives. This news is currently at the top of the headline on Twitter (X). People have started mourning for the loss of 20 mine workers.

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According to the source, all the workers were from the Musina location to the mine to work the night shift. The Murray and Roberts company has said that they are going to provide all the support to the families of the victims. They have sent condolences to all the families of deceased people. It has been said that the MEC for Transport and Community Safety in Limpopo Florence Radzilani is going to visit the accident spot. The spokesperson from MEC, Vonganni Chauke has claimed that Radzilani is going to visit the survivors who are safe and are currently admitted to the hospital. It is not known how many people have survived.

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