Alexa will stop working on these devices from September 29

Here is the biggest shocking news. The favorite device of many people Alexa is now going to stop working on various famous devices. This has been officially announced and has given a big shock to people. Alexa is going to stop on 29th September 2023. This topic is currently going viral and it is circulating on several social media platforms. People are really shocked and sad after listening to this news. Now everybody is searching for why Amazon Alexa is going to stop on some devices. What is the reason behind this? Now read this article till the end to know everything about it.


The popular device from Amazon, Alexa is now going to stop. Alexa is a voice assistant which can do many things for you. It is reported that this voice assistant is now going to stop working on Google Nest Kit after the search giant has officially announced that it is going to stop supporting the legacy Nest skills for Alexa. It is officially confirmed that Alexa is going to shut down on 29th September 2023. Now the people who used Alexa now have to switch to Google Nest Skill for Alexa as they can keep using voice assistant on their smart Nest devices. Keep reading this article till the last.

On Friday, Google officially stated that After 29th September 2023, Google is now going to be longer with the legacy Nest skills for Alexa. But they have also given a solution in which they said that now if people want to continue controlling Nest devices through Alexa, people have to shift their Nest account to Google and they have to activate the new Google Nest Skill for Alexa. But you don’t have to make any changes if you have a new skill. You just have to clearly disable the old Nest Alexa skill. Continue reading.

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Now the people who just want to continue using Amazon voice assistant, Alexa, have to enable the new Google Nest Alexa Still. Just go and turn on the new Google Nest Alexa Skill from the Google Home application. Click the settings which is at the bottom of the Google Home application. Then tap the + icon. Then select services and tap on Amazon Alexa Skill. Then follow all the given instructions to activate the skill in the Alexa application. And before doing this remove all the Nest devices by just going to the Alexa app. Go and click on the devices and then select all the Nest devices that you want to remove and then tap on Remove device.

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