Google CEO Sundar Pichai defends payments to tech giants like Apple to make Google default search engine

Shocking: The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai has defended the payments to tech giants like Apple to make the Google default search engine. Sundar Pichai is currently in the talks right now. His name is making rounds on social media because he has recently defended the payments to tech giants. As if we testified in the U.S. antitrust case in the quarter century, Pichai has now officially defended his company’s practice of paying Apple and other tech companies to set the default search engine on Google in their devices. Now read this article till the end to learn everything about this topic.

Sundar Pichai

The CEO of Google and Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, has defended his own company’s practice of paying Apple and the other tech companies so that they can make Google the default search engine on respective devices. He has stayed that he had to make the people’s experience easy and amazing. The justice department has contended that Google, the company name is synonymous with the scouring internet. The company has paid off the tech companies so that it can lock out the rival search engines for other competition and innovation. As per the documents the government has now entered in the record in the previous week. Continue reading to learn more.

According to the source, the payments have entered over $26 billion in 2021 where the operating expenses for the Google parent company Alphabet at around $68 billion. The company currently content dominates the entire market due to the search engine being better than the competition. Sundar Pichai has said that the company is working very very hard for any given query he has provided the best experience. He also claimed that this has always happened and all this is true. Keep reading this article till the end.

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We all know who is Sundar Pichai, he is an Indian man who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Google and its parent company Alphabet. He was born in India and in 2004 he became a part of Google from the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He helped that company in developing Google Chrome before he became the CEO. Yesterday, he testified that company payments to the phone manufacturers and the wireless phone companies. As we all know Google was the first search engine that people encountered when it was opened on their phones or computers. Stay tuned to techballad.

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