Xolani Khumalo March: Moja Love’s ‘Sizok’thola’ Backed by SANTACO

The biggest breaking news is here. Xolani Khumalo has received the full backing of the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO). SANATCO has issued a big statement in support of Xolani regarding the allegations against him. The statement was released on 12th September 2023. It has been declared by the SANTACO that they are supporting Moja Love Sizok those host, Xolani Khumalo. This case is in the spotlight right now. The followers of Xolani are in shock right now because of this case. This case is in the spotlight right now. Now Netizens are interested in knowing about this whole controversy. So now read this entire article to know everything about this case.

Xolani Khumalo
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SANTACO Has Issued A Statement to Support Xolani Khumalo

SANTACO released a statement on 12th September 2023, Tuesday. In the statement, they have seen support for Mojo Love Sizok Thola host, Xolandi Khumalo. SACTACO has clearly stated how they are aware of the social issues that have plagued some communities which include drugs and alcohol. This has raised the importance of the Put South Africa First Movement. This is a moment that aims to tackle these types of issues. SANTACO has shown its total support and has also joined the march of the Union buildings.

SANTACO Official Statement

SANTACO has given an official statement. They have given this announcement on their official Twitter (X) account. They have written, SANTACO supports the march led by #PutSouthAfricaFirst and the Xolani Khumalo Foundation calling for #DrugFreeSouthAfrica. They have also said that the March is scheduled to take place on 15th September 2023 at the Union Buildings. Also, the taxi association has claimed that their statement which they have provided transport for participants. Continue reading to know more.

According to the source, the host of the anti-drug bustin’ hit reality show Sizok Thole has given a video in which he is asking Mzansi to join them at the March which is going to be at the Union Buildings. he also claimed that those people who are also filled up with the courage of drug abuse should join them in the march. This video has been shared by a Twitter (X) user @AdvoBarryRoux. In the video, XOlani is requesting people to join the march on 15th September 2023, Friday at the Union Buildings. It is going to be a big thing to remove Drugs from the society.