Pricing for the Xbox Series X/s Have Risen in Sweden

The prices of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One X/S consoles in Sweden have recently increased. In November 2020, Microsoft announced the more expensive Xbox Series X for $499, alongside the less capable Xbox Series S for $299.

The Xbox Series S differs from the Xbox Series X in terms of hardware, but it also has a smaller storage capacity and can only be used for digital games.

Microsoft has increased the price of Xbox consoles in Japan by 5,000 yen, bringing the cost of the Xbox Series X to 59,978 yen and the cost of the Xbox Series S to 37,978 yen. Microsoft explained the impact of local pricing as the basis for this rise, and the new policy kicked in on February 17.

 Xbox Series X/s Have Risen in Sweden
                                                              Xbox Series X/s Have Risen in Sweden

Even if the Xbox Series X/S consoles are more expensive in Sweden, Microsoft has stated that it hopes to keep regional pricing reasonably consistent. The Xbox Series X has had a price rise of SEK 500, as discovered by Gaming Deputy and published by Video Games Chronicle. The new price is SEK 6,195.

The recent suggested retail price of an Xbox Series S is SEK 3,895. However, Gaming Deputy notes that some merchants sell the console for around SEK 3,300. Whether or if Microsoft decides to increase the cost of Xbox systems in other locations will be interesting, though the amount by which prices change will likely vary.

Microsoft has announced that beginning with Starfield, Redfall, and Forza Motorsport, the cost of all first-party titles would be increased to $70. Instead of paying the higher retail price, Xbox One owners may subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and play all these games the day they are released.

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Xbox Series X/s Have Risen in Sweden
                                              Xbox Series X/s Have Risen in Sweden

Sony raised prices for the PS5 in numerous countries in 2022. These nations included Canada, Japan, China, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The price hike for the PS5 was later reported to have had little effect on sales, suggesting that the Xbox One S Series X may see the same success.

The price of the PS5 has remained unchanged in the United States so this Xbox price hike may be similarly limited to specific locations. While previous gaming consoles have seen steadily decreasing prices over time, the current generation appears to be going in the opposite direction.

A price cut is still possible, especially if Microsoft releases a system with updated hardware, like a “thin” model. However, it seems unlikely that players will be able to buy an Xbox Series X console for less than its launch price shortly.

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