Xbox Game Pass Adds 2 New Games in Recent Breakthroughs

Microsoft has updated the games available on Xbox Game Pass, adding a new day one title and granting a full release to an early access title. One new day-one game and the complete version of a game previously available through the Xbox Game Preview program have been added to the Xbox Game Pass library today. Xbox Game Pass customers can expect access to various games, as the service is updated monthly.

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber in September 2022, Tuesday, September 27, maybe an inspiring day. Releases on day one are typically a huge event, especially for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass. Even though Grounded has been in early access for a while, both offerings today may be considered “day one” releases.

First-party Xbox game Grounded, created by Obsidian Entertainment, and new 2D Soulslike Moonscars were added to Xbox Game Pass on September 27. Although there are currently no reviews available, lovers of Soulslike may want to give Moonscars a listen.

New Xbox Game Pass Games Today 

  • Grounded (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – September 27
  • Moonscars (Cloud/Consoles/PC) – September 27

Reviews for Grounded are scarce, but the ones out there are overwhelmingly positive. It would appear that many players are pleased with the changes that Obsidian has made to Grounded since the game’s early access release. Since its early access release, Grounded has been regularly updated with additional content, including gameplay features, regions, monsters, story aspects, and more.

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In Grounded, players assume the roles of children who have been shrunk to a tiny size and must face the perils of the wilderness in their backyard, a nod to the film Honey. I Shrunk the Kids. Players must band together to uncover the game’s mysteries and combat the insect monsters trying to consume them by building a haven, crafting weapons and armor, and gathering resources.

New games like Grounded and Moonscars have been introduced to Xbox Game Pass, but that’s not all you can expect to see from the subscription service this month. On September 29, Let’s Build a Zero, and the PC version of Valheim will be added to Xbox Game Pass, and on September 30, PAW Patrol Grand Prix will become available to Xbox Game Pass users on all platforms.

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