World Meningitis Day 2023: type, symptoms, history and significance

World Meningitis Day 2023: Today, is the World Meningitis Day. A lot of people are celebrating this day and are posting pictures about this day. This day is very special for a lot of people. But many people who are not aware of this day are getting curious to know about World Meningitis Day 2023. So by looking at this people are searching on browser what is World Meningitis Day 2023. What is Meningitis? People are asking different types of questions about this day. So we have brought every single answer to your questions in this article. So read this article to know everything about World Meningitis Day 2023.


What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is an inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. It is a viral infection of the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and brain and it causes swelling. It is known as a deadly disease that can kill patients in the term of hours or it can also cause a lifelong disability. Meningitis can be caused by some injury, cancer, drugs, or some other types of infections. It continues to be a major global public health problem which can cause up to 5 million cases every single year, as per the World Health Organisation (WHO). It also includes epidemics of the new strains which are spreading between countries and across the entire world.

Types of Meningitis

There are several types of Meningitis. It includes bacterial meningitis, fungal meningitis, viral meningitis, amebic meningitis, and parasitic meningitis. Learning about the specific cause of Meningitis is very important for the treatment which differs and depends on the cause. Meningitis can be caused by every single age group. It can happen in a few hours and it can cause a long disability. Meningitis symptoms include fever, stiff neck, seizures, rash, confusion and drowsiness, sensitivity to light, vomiting, and headaches.

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World Meningitis Day 2023

World Meningitis Day used to be celebrated on 24th April every year but in 2023, after the 27th World Health Assembly said that from now World Meningitis Day will be celebrated on 5 October every year. They have approved the first-ever resolution on Meningitis prevention and they have also controlled the defeating Meningitis by global road map 2030. The date of World Meningitis Day has been changed to 5th October so more people can be part of this day. This day has been celebrated since 2009 by the CoMO. This day is celebrated in every single year.

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