The Patch Notes for Wild Hearts Day One Update Have Been Revealed

The day one patch notes for the upcoming monster-hunting game Wild Hearts from EA and Omega Force have been made public ahead of the game’s debut later this week. For those who have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play, Wild Hearts is currently playable in early access.

Even while the whole game won’t be available for play for just a few more days, we now know how the first update to the game will appear when it launches.

The complete first-day update for Wild Hearts has just been released and comes from MP1st. The game’s initial patch, version 1.003, doesn’t provide many new features. The day-one update for Wild Hearts is significantly less extensive than several other day-one upgrades we’ve seen for other video games, aside from some basic gameplay balance adjustments and a few bug patches.

When Wild Hearts is officially released and more players have access to it, EA and Omega Force will probably push for a more significant upgrade. As such, a more substantial patch may roll out at some point next week when Omega Force finds further issues that need to be incorporated into the action-focused title.

The release of Wild Hearts is scheduled for this coming Friday, February 17. When it happens, it will only be accessible on current-generation platforms, including PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Wild Hearts Day One Update Have Been Revealed
                                                           Wild Hearts Day One Update Has been Revealed

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You can read the patch notes for this Wild Hearts day one update by clicking the link below:

  • The “Looking Glass” dragon Karakuri addon enables players to alter the appearance of their in-game character in the past.
  • Gameplay Balance Adjustments
    • It altered the difficulty level of volatile kimono.
    • I adjusted various other gameplay parameters.
  • Bug Fixes
    • We have updated several skill names.
    • I added/Amended key guides.
    • We fixed various other bugs.
    • Crashes related to multiplayer.
  • PC Specific 
    • UI bug fix when playing in 4K and HDR

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