Why Bastion and Torbjorn’s Romance Matters in Overwatch 2?

A large portion of the character interactions in the setting of Overwatch 2 has already been developed. The interaction between Reaper and Soldier 76 is based on the former’s envy of the latter from their time together on the same side.

Mercy’s relationship with Genji is based on how she rescued him after Hanzo almost killed him. Their friendship dates back to their early days in the Horizon Lunar Colony. Yet the free-to-play sequel’s introduction of Torbjorn’s friendship with Bastion has created a completely different dynamic.

Bastion and Torbjorn appear to be a perfect combination on the surface. Torbjorn is an engineer who loves building turrets to aid his fellow Overwatch operatives in battle, while Bastion is a high-tech Omnic machine that can transform into a massive turret.

Why Bastion and Torbjorn's Romance Matters in Overwatch 2?
                                Why Bastion and Torbjorn’s Romance Matter in Overwatch 2?

Torbjorn’s animosity against Omnics is the main obstacle that would typically stand in the way of an Overwatch 2 combo. Torb might develop a relationship with other Overwatch operatives throughout the PvE plot if Bastion can win him over sometime between the two games.

What Bastion Could Win Over Other Omnic Haters in Overwatch 2?

Torbjorn and his other Overwatch agents were unaware of Omnics as sophisticated computers like Zenyatta, although some may judge him for his animosity toward them.

The version players control in the game is so intriguing because Torbjorn most likely lost friends and family to less clever Omnics like Bastion units. For whatever reason, the playable Bastion is brilliant and less dangerous than the others that Torbjorn and other characters have been battling for years.

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Torbjorn’s encounter with a sentient Bastion unit that does not wish to hurt humanity may serve as a wake-up call for other characters who share his hatred of Omnics.

While Zarya has been gradually warming up to the sentient robots that have emerged since the Omnic Crisis, Reinhardt, a character who wields a shield, will be less receptive to them in general and Bastion troops in particular.

Reinhardt, like Torbjorn, is a sweet giant who is kind to almost everyone he meets. Yet, during his time as a German Crusader, he spent a significant chunk of his life-fighting Bastion forces, losing his mentor Balderich in a substantial battle with them.

Given this knowledge, it isn’t easy to see Reinhardt and Bastion being cordial when they first meet. In reality, gamers know he won’t attend because BlizzConline 2021 gave fans a sneak peek of this event.

A few years ago, the online version of BlizzCon provided an extensive behind-the-scenes peek at the creation of Overwatch 2, including a few bits of cutscenes as devs discussed their current projects.

Why Bastion and Torbjorn's Romance Matters in Overwatch 2?
Why Bastion and Torbjorn’s Romance Matter in Overwatch 2?

Bastion can be seen trembling in one of these sequences as Reinhardt charges at him fiercely. It appears like the two people are in Torbjorn’s workshop.

Torbjorn might step in to soothe Reinhardt by informing him that this Bastion unit is an ally, not an enemy. If Bastion can convince Reinhardt, anyone can, and if Ramattra’s new Omnic revolt is quenched, Bastion might play a crucial role in bringing peace.

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It’s lovely that Bastion is sporting a Torbjorn hat, and it’s even cuter that Torbjorn is upgrading and personalizing the bird-loving robot. It will be intriguing to find out more about how this friendship developed and how the engineer overcame his phobia of Omnics to become close friends with one.

Since players have only seen a portion of the scene, the Reinhardt interaction could end up being much more engaging.

Bastion’s introduction to other allies and a larger purpose within the Overwatch organization will come through Torbjorn. Their friendship may pave the door for some distinct character development for characters like Reinhardt.

On the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Overwatch 2 is currently available.

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