Why 30 US sued Facebook parent Meta for harming children’s mental health

Here is everything that you want to learn about new summons on Meta. Here we are going to learn why 30 US states have sued the Facebook parent Meta. There is news that Meta is harming children’s mental health. This has been officially stated by 30 US states about meta. Those 30 US states have said that Meta has harnessed powerful and unprecedented technologies to engage the young generation which is not good for the future. Now read this article till the end because we have explained every single thing in this article. So without wasting time let’s continue this article now.

Meta Released New Facebook and instagram privacy updates
Meta Released New Facebook and instagram privacy updates

Meta the parent company of Facebook and Instagram is currently in the spotlight. The company was sued on 24 October 2023, Tuesday by California and a group of more than 30 states. They have claimed that Meta is exploring youths for their profit and they are providing harmful content to the youth. These social media platforms are spreading negativity which is affecting and brainwashing teenagers. Those 30 states have stated that these social media platforms should stop spreading harmful content or they should get banned. This lawsuit was filed in California. Scroll down to learn more about this case.

As per the lawsuit from the states it has been stated that the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, Meta has harnessed very powerful and unprecedented technologies to engage and entice the youth and teenagers. This company does this to make their profits and it helps in seeking to maximize the financial gains. This company has repeatedly misled the public regarding the dangers of the internet. In the reply, Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta have officially said that their platforms are committed to keeping the youth safe and spreading positivity. They have introduced more than 30 tools to support them and their families. Scroll down.

Meta has also added that they are very disappointed that the attorney has taken this action rather than working with companies in the industry to make age-appropriate standards for any application for teenagers’ use. Two years back in 2021, one of its former employees of Meta, Frances Haugen emerged as a whistleblower with the allegations that Meta was preying on some vulnerable youth to gain profits. At that time he stated a study on Instagram which showed proof that many adolescent girls who are using photo-sharing applications are suffering from depression and anxiety because of body image issues. It has been said that Meta collects the personal information of users who are under 13 and are not allowed to use the application.