Who was Melissa Perez? woman shot and killed by San Antonio police, 3 officers charged

A recent incident where a woman was killed by 3 police officers is in the news. There is no doubt in saying that this news is all over social media and people are condemning the behavior of the accused officers and want justice for the victim. This incident occurred on 23rd June 2023 and the funeral of the deceased was held on last Monday. The news is getting viral like wildfire and people want to know about the victim. We already share enough details of the case and now in this article, we will talk about the personal life of Melissa Perez.

Melissa Perez

Who Was Melissa Perez?

As we already mentioned above on 23rd June 2023, the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) faced a sad incident that resulted in the untimely demise of a citizen of San Antonio, Texas. The 46 years old woman was the mother of 3 children who are currently crying over the death of their mother. This sad news has sent shockwaves in the community and people are mourning the demise of Melissa. The loved ones of the victim described her as a remarkable woman who touched the lives of several people in her community.

Melissa was the woman who was shot to death by the hands of 3 officers who are currently facing murder charges. Melissa was born on the 21st of January 1977 and brought up in San Antonio, Texas. They biological name of her was Melissa Ann Perez given by her parents, Arnold Rodriguez and Julia Salazar. Her family described her as kind heart and she was known for her unwavering determination and infectious laughter. She was a devoted Christian who spent most of her time reading the Bible. She was always a good mother and loved her children.

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Just like other mothers, her children are everything to her. She loved to spend her time with them. She completed her graduation in 1995 from Lanier High School. She loved cooking and was a wonderful chef. She was deeply dedicated to her friends, family, and community. Now her family is totally devastated by her death and they want justice for her. Melissa was the wife of Carlos Perez who is completely shattered by the death of his wife. The couple was sharing 3 children together Isabella, Sofia, and Gabriel. There are many people who want to read her details on Wikipedia. She was not a famous personality and due to that no Wikipedia page has been constructed. We understand the grief and loss of the family and that is why we are sending our prayers to them and hoping that her family gets justice.


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