Who was Grace Tanner Mari Jasper Levon Tanner?

Here, we have come up with some noteworthy details of Grace Tanner’s obituary and cause of death. It has been almost a month since Grace Tanner passed away but her death news still continues to make shock waves. There are innumerable people who have been taking over the internet in a bid to know what happened to Grace Tanner or what was her cause of death. Recently, our sources provided us with a report regarding Grace Tanner’s obituary. In the following sections of this article, we have poured in all the imperative details about her. Read who was Grace Tanner. Drag down the page.

Grace Tanner Mari Jasper Levon Tanner
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Who was Grace Tanner?

Grace Tanner was an elderly resident of the United States. Her name came to light when she was pronounced dead publicly and condolences were shared on the internet. On social media, tributes and condolences for Grace Tanner have been floating for the past many days. Grace was close to many people, she formed a good bond with them. Everyone still mourns the death of Grace Tanner as she breathed her last in August 2023. After her departure, people close to her shared their words for the late soul. 

She was married to her husband Jasper Levon Tanner. Jasper and Grace remained together until Grace’s demise. They lived a cherished blissful life while holding each other’s hands. Throughout their lives, the Tanner couple kept high privacy in their life and kept themselves far from the public’s eye. This is why there is only a little information about Grace Tanner and her husband Jasper Levon Tanner. The couple also did not share the information about their marriage.

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Grace Tanner’s Obituary

Grace Tanner passed away on August 7, 2023. Immediately, the cause of death of the deceased was not shared. Now it has been more than a month but her family has not explained the exact reason for her demise. However, they organized a memorial for Grace on August 11, 2023. The memorial service took place a Fort Jackson National Cemetery located in Columbia.

Talking about Grace Tanner’s cause of death, she might have died from age-related ailments. It is because Grace Tanner had turned 92 years old by the time of her passing. Apparently, she was struggling with several health complexities developed from her old age. Reportedly, Grace Tanner’s husband Jasper Levon Tanner lost his life at the age of 83 on March 5, 2017. He was born on December 23, 1933, to his parents Ettie Viola Hanna and Jasper Tanner.

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