Who Is Pau Fajardo Dating after Scottie Thompson?

Hello friends, the name has come on the internet and has been trending on social media platforms yes here we are talking about Pau Fajardo. Pau Fajardo is one of the best and most amazing internet personality and model. Currently, she has been making headlines on the internet because of her relationship status. Since her name came on the internet it went viral on many social networking sites. Lots of people are searching for Pau Fajardo’s name on the internet as they are very keen to know about her and her relationship status. In this article, we will try to give you complete information about the news.

Pau Fajardo
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Who is Pau Fajardo?

Pau Fajardo is a very famous internet personality and model, who commands a significant and loyal following across social media platforms, notably Instagram. She collaborates with various brands, effectively promoting their derivatives and services, as she has good followers on her pages. Further her influence as a social media sensation, Fajardo has been recognized by several for her previous romantic involvement with Scottie Thompson, a popular basketball player from the Phillippines. Pau is a very talented lady who achieved huge success due to her best work. Scroll down to the next page for more information about the news.

Pau Fajardo New Boyfriend

As we already mentioned Pau Fajardo is a very famous personality and since her name came on the internet it has gone viral. Now thousands of people must be very curious to know about her new boyfriends. According to the report,  Pau seems to be entirely personal about disclosing information about her new relationship to the public. She emerges to favor a low-profile approach to showcasing her boyfriend. This discretion could stem from a desire to keep personal privacy and protect her romantic life from unwarranted scrutiny. So read the article till the end.

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Is Pau Fajardo Dating Scottie Thompson?

As far as we know,  now lots of people want to know if is Pau dating Scottie Thompson. Reportedly, the romantic life of Pau is a hot topic on the social media platforms. She has kept a tight lid on her current relationship status. Likewise, Pau’s journey in love took an important turn when she was engaged to her ex-boyfriend, Scottie Thompson after a committed relationship of more than 8 years. But this relationship profoundly affected her and later she shared her sadness with her followers. Here we have shared all the information that we had. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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