Who is Aleisy Toro, Yokoi Kenji Wife?

In this article, we are going to learn about the well-known YouTuber Yokoi Kenji. He is a popular sensation whose name is currently viral on social media. His name is making rounds on some social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit. We all knew about him as he is very popular on the internet but we all never knew anything about Yokoi Kenji’s wife. He is a married person. Yes, you read it right he is married and he also has two sons. So now in this article, we are going to learn about the Yokoi Kenji family. Without missing any line read this article till the end.

Yokoi Kenji

Who Is Yokoi Kenji?

Yokoi Kenji is a famous YouTuber. He has made his name popular through his motivational speeches. he is loved by many people. People love him because of his amazing motivation work. he has motivated and inspired many individuals. He is a notable personality in personal development. He motivates people to give them some strength in their life. People really connect with him as people feel warmth while listening to him. He is very down to earth and that’s his specialty. According to the source, when he was just 10 years old his family migrated to Yokohama, Japan, and started their life in a new place. He used to work as a tour guide and translator for the Latin American community. Despite being famous there is no specific Wikipedia available of him.

Yokoi Kenji Wife

Yokoi Kenji is a married man. he is married to his wife Aleisy Toro. She is from Columbia but later in her life, she shifted to Japan exactly like Yokoi. The couple met each other for the first time when Yokoi used to work as a tour guide and translator in Japan. They have both been married to each other for so long now. Her personal details of Aleisy is not available anywhere.

Yokoi Kenji and Aleisy Toro Children

Yokoi Kenji and Aleisy Toko are blessed with two sons. The name of the eldest son is Kenji David and the name of the younger son is Keigo Daniel. The first son was born in Japan. Kenji has spent his life in the unique fusion of Japanese and Columbian elements in his family. And the second son was born in Colombia. The age of the children is not clear yet. Yokoi and Aleisy are giving the best treatment to their children. And they are treating their children very well.

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