WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund Launches New Balanced Hybrid Fund

The WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund has launched a new balanced Hybrid Fund. Now the scheme’s objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation and generate income by investing in a balanced portfolio of equity & equity-related instruments and debt & money market securities. On 5th October 2023, Thursday, the White Oak Capital Mutual Fun announced the launch of their new fund. Now it has been reported that NFO is going to open from today and it is going to remain open till 19th October 2023. This debt is an open-ended balanced scheme that invests in equity and debt instruments. To know everything about the new funds by WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund read this article till the end.

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It has been officially announced that the NFO has been opened now. It is going to remain open from 5th August 2023 to 19th October 2023. This is an open-ended balance sheet that is going to invest in the equity and debt instruments. On Thursday, the WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund announced that they have now launched their new fund offer. It is revealed that the investment objective of the scheme is going to provide a long-term capital appreciation and it is generating income just by investing in the balanced portfolio of equity & equity-related investments and also debt & money market securities. This scheme has set a benchmark against the CRISIL Hybrid 50+50 Moderate Index.

We all are aware that WhiteOak capital-balanced Hybrid Funds are really simple but they are very effective in the way of participating in debt and equity asset classes. But as we look at equity provides higher wealth creation opportunities in the way of long term and it also provides debt stability to the portfolio. According to the scheme, the target is to achieve not just reasonable returns over time but it targets to reduce the intermittent volatility that is associated with the pure equity allocation.

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As per this scheme, the funds provide a hassle-free and tax-efficient way of investing in Equity and Debt by the way of a Single Mutual Fund Scheme. This fund is also going to be eligible for the long-term capital gain tax with the indexation benefit as it is going to hold a period of more than three years. The CEO of WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Limited, Aashish Somaiyaa claimed that the original balanced funds were expected to be just balanced, But because of tax considerations now they are raising from 65% to 80%. More details to be shared soon.

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