Where is Lucy Letby Now? UK serial killer and former neonatal nurse who murdered seven infants

Many people are still keen to know the whereabouts of Lucy Letby. For the unversed, Lucy Letby is accused of killing babies at a neonatal hospital. Reportedly, she is currently facing serious allegations and there is no chance that she will come out on bail. She is being held at a prison with no possibility of bail. Here, we are to share all the imperative details about serial killer Lucy Letby that you should know about her. In addition, her whereabouts also have been mentioned in this article. You are asked to stick with this page and go through it till the end.

Lucy Letby
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Who is Lucy Letby?

Lucy Letby has been referred to as one of the most prolific and heartless serial killers in the history of Britain. As of yet, the authorities have not concluded how many children Lucy Letby allegedly killed but it is believed that Lucy Letby murdered more children than they know. The investigation report says Lucy Letby killed innocent children and infants at the neonatal unit of the Countess of Chester Hospital between 2015 and 2016. It is believed that Lucy Letby used different methods to kill the defenseless babies at the hospital. Some children were also killed by injecting air and poison. Two of the victims were killed under strange circumstances at Liverpool Women’s Hospital where she was training at that time.

Lucy Letby Arrested and Charged

In 2015, an investigation was launched into the strange deaths of babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital. Upon investigating the case, the officers learned that Lucy Letby was the caretaker of the babies at that time. Later the consultants discovered that the deaths of the children were the repercussions of medication errors caused by neonatal nurse Lucy Letby. In 2017, police were investigating the unexplained deaths of children at a hospital when Lucy Letby was arrested on suspicion of killing and attempting murder. She was charged with 7 counts of murder and 15 counts of attempted murder.

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Where Is Lucy Letby?

Serial killer Lucy Letby was arrested in 2017 but the trial started on October 10, 2022. The case was being heard at Manchester Crown Court. However, the accused denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty. Her trial was not concluded for 9 months until Lucy Letby was found guilty of killing 7 children and attempting to murder six more babies. On the day of her sentencing, Lucy Letby refused to appear in the court. Currently, she is serving her life sentence at HMP Low Newton, a closed prison for women located in County Durham.

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