When Will Minecraft Legends 2 Be Available on PC and Xbox?

As promised in June of last year, the release date for Minecraft Legends, which promises to be the game’s most exciting adventure yet, has been revealed.

Under Microsoft’s wing, the Minecraft brand has flourished, and soon we’ll see its finest hour in the form of a new and exciting game. After being revealed in June of last year, the release date for MinecraftLegends has been set.

We mentioned the official Minecraft Legends trailer below-

YouTube video

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Minecraft Legends Will Be Out For PC and Xbox on April 18

Released on April 18 for Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Cloud, MinecraftLegends will feature action strategic gameplay reminiscent of old Warcraft games. There will be no waiting for the game to be added to Game Pass.

The purpose of the game, which has both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, is to defend your base while destroying the enemy. The game will have the familiar Minecraft art style and characters, making it a likely top seller on Game Pass.

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