When Will Be Crusader Kings III DLC Tours and Tournaments Release Date Comes Out ?

The upcoming Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments addition, scheduled for a PC release later this spring, has been unveiled by Paradox Interactive. Grand Tournaments, Tours, and Weddings, a Transport System, new armor designs, and other features, will be added to CK3 in Tours and Tournaments to let player-controlled monarchs raise their social status and assess their domain.

Players of CK3 will also receive a free update that includes a new Activities menu, updates to the regency relations and other administration tools, and the DLC.

Below is a reveal trailer for Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments:

YouTube video

The following is how Paradox Interactive lists the characteristics of the expansion:

  • Great Tournaments: Hold a lavish display of martial arts prowess that draws surrounding nobility and roaming knights. The tournament can raise your social status or demonstrate your military prowess. Choose the events, and decide where they will take place.
  • Grand Tours: Conduct a journey through your realm to assess your vassals by showing them your generosity or extorting more money from them.
  • Grand Weddings: Save your wealth for a lavish wedding emphasizing the political component that defines marriage in its truest sense. Respect your in-laws, indulge your vassals, and show off your dominance.
  • Travel System: Decide if you want to take the safest route via populated areas or a more direct way across perilous mountains or dense forests. Use a vast entourage to signal your significance, or travel lightly so you can focus on your work.
  • Knightly Accolades: Give your best knights unique titles and praises so that they and the troops they command might benefit.
  • New Armor Designs: The new Tournament and Accolade systems are merged with new historical armor designs spanning centuries.
  • New Western Clothing: Fresh artwork for clothing designs will demonstrate how Western European clothes changed and progressed from the Carolingian era to the end of the medieval period.
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Crusader Kings III DLC Tours and Tournaments Release Date
Crusader Kings III DLC Tours and Tournaments Release Date

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With Tours and Tournaments, a free upgrade for all Crusader Kings III owners will add a new Activities menu with revised interactions for hunts, feasts, pilgrimages, and more complex regency relationship management.

This upgrade will also include significant adjustments to domain management and vassal ties. Crusader Kings 3: Tours and Tournaments won’t be released on consoles until later this spring, but it will be released on PC later this spring.

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