The Future Of WhatsApp: Multiple Accounts At Your Fingertips, Finally Happening?

WhatsApp is currently developing a new feature that will allow users to log into several accounts from the same device. A feature that would allow Android users to have several WhatsApp accounts is reportedly in the works.

It is anticipated that the WhatsApp multi-account feature will allow users to transition between multiple accounts on the same device, similar to Instagram. According to the report, the app will store the passwords for these accounts and permit users to transition between them with a single tap.

To access a specific profile, users will get a list of all accounts currently logged into the device, similar to Instagram’s profile menu. This feature could enable users to separate work-related and personal conversations within a single app.

As per the report –

“This separation ensures that users can maintain privacy, efficiently manage notifications, and switch between different accounts without the need of using parallel apps.”

This feature eliminates the need for users to use separate devices for various accounts, making it quite convenient to use. Notably, this function was discovered on the Android version of WhatsApp Business, however, it is not yet known if this is restricted to paid business accounts alone.

WhatsApp Beta

Do you know that at the iPhone maker’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), iOS 17 and a lot of cool new features are now officially available? Apple has introduced numerous iPhone security and privacy enhancements to iOS 16, including Passkeys, Rapid Security Response, and numerous safety features:

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The report clarifies that the feature is presently in development and will be available to beta testers in a future app update. Moreover, WhatsApp is rumored to introduce a new video communications feature for Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp lets you record 60 seconds of video notes, similar to its voice notes. To use this function, you have to wait until the microphone icon changes to a video button, then press and hold the video button to record a video and send it.

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