What Happened to Mathis Boivin? 15-year-old Montreal Boy died after consuming istonitazen

In this article, we are going to share very shocking news with you. This news is going to scare you. So a 15-year-old Montreal boy was found dead. Shockingly, he died after consuming isotonitazene. Yes, this news is true. The deceased body has been identified as Mathis Boivin. Boy took a synthetic opioid which has been claimed has more stronger than fentanyl. This case is currently in the headlines and this news has sent shockwaves in the community. Now people are curious to learn about every single detail of this case. We have shared all the details of this case in this article, so read this article till the end and do not miss any line of this article.

Mathis Boivin

Who are Mathis Boivin parents?

According to the source, Mathis Boivin has been found dead. he was just a 15-year-old Montreal boy. His death news is currently trending and a lot of his known people are in a big shock. The family and friends of the deceased boy are currently in a devastating situation and they are not able to say a single word at this time. This is a big shock for the parents as their son is no more in this world. It has been claimed that Mathis died after consuming synthetic opioids, which are known as stronger than fentanyl. Continue reading this article in the next paragraph.

Sources have revealed that Mathis Boivin just took a single dose of isotonitazene on 21st December 2023 before bed. But just a single shot took his life. His death news was reported by his father on Thursday. His father announced his death news on his official account of Facebook. His father wrote, he found out what took his handsome, Mathis Boivin. He thought that he was taking oxycontin, he also said that they found the synthetic opioid to be more potent than fentanyl.

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Mathis Boivin father Christina also wrote that he ingested a pill that proved fatal for anyone who is not familiar with these types of substances, He was poisoned. The family has also reported SPVm regarding the demise of their son, and seeks to identify the drug dealer and gain insights, Poliuce officers are currently investigating this case. The Montreal Public Health Department issued an overdose alert when a substance that resembles oxycodone but contains isotonitazene in November 2020. This drug was implicated in the autopsies of a total of 14 people since August 2020. More details regarding this case are going to be shared soon.

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