What Happened to John Dumelo Ghanaian Actor And Gifty Mawunya Nkornu?

We are immensely grieving to announce the unfortunate passing of Antoinette Ama Ampomah Dumelo mother of popular Ghanaian actor John Domelo. Yes, you heard right, his mother is no longer among her close ones and admirers as her unfortunate departure occurred at a very old age after suffering from the illness. As soon as the news was circulated on social networking sites uncounted reactions started hitting the headlines to such an extent that no one had even imagined that a day their faces would collide with something like this. So on the details given below, you can find out the further information.

John Dumelo Ghanaian Actor

What Happened to John Dumelo Ghanaian Actor

As per the exclusive reports or sources, initially, the deceased Antoinette Ama Ampomah Dumelo had been diagnosed with severe health circumstances which were continuously deteriorating her worse while decreasing the chances of her survival in a certain manner Therefore when her health was denied well family decided to make her admitted to the nearest hospital for the appropriate treatment so that, she can go alive ahead with the good health but I luckily her health refused to go with the medicines as no cure was affecting her health because of which, the medical team had to ask pronounce her dead.

John Dumelo Ghanaian Actor wife

Reportedly, John Dumelo encountered a heart-wrenching loss when he declared the death of his mother, Antoinette Ama Ampomah Dumelo, on August 16, 2023. He disseminated the heartbreaking announcement that she had passed on August 15, 2023. Ravaged by her hasty extinction, Dumelo communicated that his mother had been his number one proponent throughout his life. The announcement of his mother’s demise reverberated with multiple, and an outpouring of consolations barraged the remarks compartment, as a multitude proposed their support to John Dumelo and his grieving family. As no one had imagined this to face in a particular way, which is shocking enough.

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On social networking sites, thousands of his admirers are expressing their grid at the time of praying for his strength so that he can get enough power to face all these in a particular manner because nothing is more painful than seeing all these and therefore, Twitter has been flooded by the reactions. After all, his fans were standing by him at the time expressing their solace while praying for his family too so that they would not be affected more by the incident. So we will also pray may her soul is great in peace, Stay tuned with us and follow Techballad.

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