What Happened To Chandrayaan 3? Spacecraft Will Never Return To Earth Says ISRO

The ambitious lunar mission of ISRO is currently in a static state on the moon. Reportedly, the spacecraft that was supposed to return to the earth after completing its missing, has fallen into sleep mode which means Chandrayaan 3 will never return to Earth. According to the reports, Vikram Lander was also turned down. Reports have said that new threats have emerged for the Chandrayaan 3 and Vikram lander on the lunar surface, one is from outside the moon. Since ISRO confirmed that Chandrayaan 3 has become inoperational, people have been scrounging the weblogs to find out what happened to Chandrayaan 3. You are asked to stick with this page and unfold more latest details of Chandrayaan 3. Swipe down.


What Happened To Chandrayaan 3?

The Indian Space Research Organization landed the Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft on the lunar surface as part of its ambitious lunar missing, on August 23, 2023. After achieving the soft landing by the Vikram lander, the Pragyan rover conducted a series of experiments on the surface. Pragyan rover was designed to continuously work for one complete lunar day which means 14 days of us. But now, both the lander and rover have been put into sleep mode forever. Continue reading this article and learn what ISRO announced recently.


S Somnath, the chief of the Indian Space Research Organization, said Vikram Lander is happily sleeping on the Moon after doing his job very well. However, the mission has finished and the spacecraft will never return to Earth. But while being inactive on the Moon’s surface, the spacecraft Chandrayaan 3 is reportedly facing new threats one that came from outside the Moon. Do you what threat Pragyan rover and lander Vikram have been facing on the Moon? Reportedly, the lander and rover have turned down but now they are facing a threat of micrometeoroid that is bombarding the lunar surface. Shift to the next section and read more details.

India's Chandrayaan-3 Lander Spotted

A senior official of ISRO said that the rover and lander could be hit by micrometeoroids during the bombardment on the Moon. Kindly note that ISRO was already aware of this threat as the same was also faced last time by the Apollo spacecraft that remained on the lunar surface. Professor and Director of the Manipal Centre for Natural Sciences, Dr. P. Sreekumar said that since there is no atmosphere on the Moon there is no threat of corrosion of the spacecraft. Stay tuned with us.