What happened to Brianna Ghey? Teenager’s mother targeted by online trolls

Brianna Ghey, this name is currently one of the most trending names on the internet. People are heavily talking about this name. This name is in the headlines right now and not just this time this name has been trending since February 2023. So Brianna Ghey was a teen transgender who was murdered this year in February. This murder case was shocking and mysterious. Till now this case is in the talks and it has not been solved. Now we are going to to discover everything about this case in this article. So read this article till the end to know everything.

Brianna Ghey
Brianna Ghey was stabbed to death aged just 16 on Saturday February 11

Who was Brianna Ghey?

Brianna Ghey was a 16-year-old British transgender girl. She was a native of Birchwood in Warrington, Cheshire, England. She was a Year 11 pupil at Birchwood Community High School. As to her family, she was a larger-than-life character. She was a joyful person and she was proud of herself. She used to leave a long-lasting impression on all the people she used to meet. She was a charming person and kind to other people. She used to help other young trans girls safely and she used to legally access hormone replacement therapy.

As per her friends, Brianna Ghey used to face a lot of harassment. She struggled with transphobic harassment and bullying for several years but she used to face it bravely. She was also a TikTok user and used to have 63,000 followers on her TikTok handle. Her TikTok user ID was @gingerpuppyx but now it is not available as it was deleted after her death.

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Brianna Ghey Murder 2023

Brianna Ghey died at the age of 16. She passed away on 11th February 2023, Saturday. Her dead body was discovered at Culcheth Linear Park by the public. She was found with multiple stab wounds on a path. She was immediately declared dead at the scene. On 15th February 2023, the prosecutor Leanne Gallagher stated that she was attacked brutally and was extremely punished. After 4 days of her passing two suspects were charged in the case of killing Brianna Ghey. Two 15-year-old teenagers killed Brianna. They are under police custody. Till now they have not stated what was the motive behind to killing of a innocent 16-year-old teen. The funeral of Brianna was held on 15th March 2023 at St. Elphin Chruch, Warrington. before that on 8th March 2023, her death was opened at Warrington Coroner Court and a pre-inquest hearing was held on 17th August 2023.

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