Wear OS 2 Watches Will Cancel Google Assistant Support, Soon

Very sad news has come to the fore for Google devices users. It is being told in the news that Google is shutting down its Google Wear OS watches. Yes, you heard absolutely right. After listening to this news, Google users are looking very upset and at the same time they want to know that what has happened after all Google is going to stop its old faith, on the other hand, if we look at some of the users It has to be said that perhaps Google is going to fake its new wears, that’s why it has taken this decision. Why do you think Google would have fought like this, well leave it, we give you such a straight and simple answer. Just keep making articles with us.

Wear OS 2 Watches Will Not Have Google Assistant Support
Google Introduces New Android And Wear OS Features

Wear OS 2 Cancel Google Assistant Support

According to the information, it has been learned that the companion app has been prepared for the devices that were used in Wear OS 2 and earlier versions, 9to5 Google believes. And at the same time, it is also absolutely justified that it is necessary to stop using Google Assistant. Another big thing has come to the fore due to this some big brands like Montblanc, Polar, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and Fossil are not able to wipe the voice. This is the only thing that Google Manta takes its decision.

Also, it is being told that in the update for the OS app by Google users, some users faced shutdown-like problems on their smartwatches. This was hard to believe for some people, then again, a Google user shared a problem he encountered on the internet, which showed that the person had the Ticwatch Pro 3 and it was glitching.

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It’s a new mood for Google, but Google’s decision to shut down the Google Assistant for Wear OS 2 devices just doesn’t make sense. Google working on Wear OS 3 is an important response, as well as Wear OS 4, has already been launched. Ups and downs keep coming in the devices, but users have to face this difficulty. But it is not that the owners of the company have to live comfortably after the failure of Android Wear, but this also affects the company badly. Now it remains to be seen what Google takes its next step and helps its users like. We assure that Google users do not have to worry about their devices. Follow us for more latest upgrades.

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