Walt Disney announced discounts on kids’ tickets at theme parks

The biggest and greatest news is here. The Walt Disney has now announced a great news for all the kids. They have officially announced a discount on the tickets for kids at the theme parks. They have claimed that this discount will be temporarily just for children. This offer is not available for adults it is just available for kids. This news has been recently as on 30th September 2023, Saturday, when Disney World reopened following Hurricane Ian in Orlando, Florida. Now read this article till the last to know everything about this new announcement and do not miss anything about this article if you want to learn everything.

Walt Disney

The greatest news of the current time is that Walt Disney has now officially announced that they are going to ticket prices for the kids just for a limited period of time. There is going to be a big discount on the tickets for children at its theme parks. This decision has been made to increase the visitor numbers. As we all know the Covid-19 period really impacted many businesses and it also affected the amusement park industry. The time of pandemic in 2020 and 2021 had a big negative impact on every single industry. Since the Covid-19 period, most amusement parks have been closed which has decreased attendance.

According to the reports, the business had rebounded very strongly to become a media conglomerate which is the main profit point and it has helped buffer losses in the streaming business of Disney. But later there was some sign of a slowdown in the footfall. The CEO of Disney has claimed that at the time of the third-quarter earnings conference call which really matters in the Calirfonia-based company which has been seen in the softer performance at the Walt Disney World, which is a big part of the parks business, it is located in Orlando. This was said by Bob Iger who is the CEO of Disney, this was stated in August 2023.

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Bob Iger further criticized theme parks as a successful business and stated that Walt Dinsey World was still outperforming at the time of pre-pandemic performance levels. Disney has now announced that they have plans to increase the capital investment in the park decision which has an investment of around $60 billion in the next decade. They have also announced that there is going to be a great discount on the tickets of kids at the Disneyland Resort theme parks for $50 for a single day. This offer is going to start from 8th January 2024 to 10th March 2024.

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