Volkswagen hit by IT outage, production halted in Germany

In this article, we are going to discuss the recent controversy in the world of technology. Recently, Volkswagen was hit by a major IT outrage on 27 September 2023, Wednesday. It has happened because of the production at the carmaker’s namesake brand in Germany which has come to a halt. Volkswagen has said that adding the entire group which includes the Porsche AG and Audi brands are affected. This news is currently one of the biggest news in the world of vehicle technology. This news is trending and it is in the headlines of many social media platforms. Read this article till the end to know everything.


According to the spokesperson for Audi has stated to the Reuters that the production which is at the division is now going to be affected and it is going to add the extent of the impact that was already analyzed. Right now the carmaker is working with lower production at its all-electric Zwickau plant which is completely muted in the demand for battery-powered vehicles which might be changed by a long-standing three-shift system. The company, Volkswagen has said that there had been an unspecified IT malfunction of network components because the site is located in Wolfsburg, Germany, here is the global headquarters, this information has been shared by Reuters.

The company has said that because of the outrage the Germens sites have been affected in Hanover, Osnabrueck, Emden, Dresden, and Zwickau. And it has also affected the component factories in Kassel, Slazgitter, Chemnits, and Braunschweig. The company has also said that the fault has been present since 12:30 p.m. (CET). Right now it is being analyzed. There are no implications for the vehicle-producing plants. As per the recent analyses, it looks like the external attack is unlikely to harm the system malfunction. Continue reading.

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Volkswagon claimed that adding much effort to solve the issue was of the highest priority and it is well underway. The company has been hit by several setbacks lately because of the attempts to manage the shift toward electromobility. Carmaker has invested tens of billions of euros into the pivot to electric vehicles. But still, the sector is blighted by a weak global economy and there is a very low demand. At the start of September Volkswagen claimed that it was cutting 269 temporary jobs as the flagship eclectic car plant is in Zwickau. Currently, Skoda, Audi, and Seat are facing high competition in the electric car sector.

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