Viviana’s Ban on Twitch is Removed

Recently, Twitch relaxed the restriction on streamer Viviana. The suspension had been in effect for a few weeks, and its lifting has prompted debate over Twitch’s guidelines for behavior and content.

The streaming site is known for vigorously enforcing its rules of service, even when it means suing well-known streamers. Some individuals feel they have been unfairly punished, but Twitch claims its strict policies are required to safeguard the platform’s general security and safety.

The restriction was implemented after Viviana was kicked from the platform for making racially inappropriate remarks toward a viewer. Regarding racial abuse on the network, Twitch has robust policies, and Viviana’s statements appear to have broken these policies.

Viviana's Ban on Twitch is Removed
                                                        Viviana’s Ban on Twitch is Removed

The streamer’s supporters persisted in showing their love despite the restriction, with many using social media to share their thoughts. Some fans believed Twitch’s regulations were excessively stringent and that the suspension was unwarranted, while others felt that Viviana should have been more careful with her remarks.

Twitch dropped the restriction on Viviana after many weeks, allowing her to resume streaming on the service. Waiting impatiently for her homecoming, her supporters were relieved by the decision.

The lifting of the restriction has also stirred debate over Twitch’s guidelines for behavior and content. According to some users, the platform’s rules are too rigid and frequently applied unjustly, with other streamers receiving more significant penalties for the same violations.

Others contend that Twitch’s rules are required to preserve a secure and welcoming environment for all users. As Twitch continues to change and modify its standards, there will probably be more debate and discussion about these critical problems in the gaming community.

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Furthermore, because the same incident violated the NoPixel rules, Viviana was also expelled from the NoPixel server for Grand Theft Auto 5. When Viviana disparaged a viewer’s race during a Twitch webcast, the altercation above got started.

Viviana's Ban on Twitch is Removed
                                                     Viviana’s Ban on Twitch is Removed

The streamer reportedly strengthened her position by asserting on Twitter that “reverse racism doesn’t exist.” However, the post was later removed from the platform. Many claimed that even while her conduct was improper, it was insufficient to justify a long-term ban.

Many argued that even while her behavior was inappropriate, it wasn’t enough to support a lengthy suspension. Others thought she had gone too far and should be made to answer for her conduct. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that the Grand Theft Auto RP community is in a significant uproar due to this.

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