Viral Pics Of Men And Women Kidnapped By Hamas

Here we are sharing a piece of big news with you the Palestinian group Hamas launched an extensive-scale surprise attack on Israel from Gaza leaving hundreds dead. A large number of Israeli fighters and civilians, particularly ladies have been also held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Some are alive and some are presumed dead, military respative Lt Col Jonathan Conricus said. Currently, this news has been trending on social media platforms as lots of people are super curious to know about the whole information about the news. In this article we will try to give complete information about the news, so let’s continue the article.


The pictures of women and men abducted by Hamas amid war have been shared on X platform by a nonprofit organization on the official account of Israel War Room.” Hamas appears to have kidnapped mostly ladies. It is already confirmed that Hamas fighters have been using rape as a weapon of war. There must be no mercy for these barbarians, they have written on X, along with photos of missing Israelian people. Since the news came on the internet lots of people have very stunned as no one thought that it would happen. Scroll down to the next page for more information about the news.

Currently, this news has been making the rounds on the internet as this news has been gaining huge attention from the people. Reportedly, many Israelis are also sharing photos of friends and family who they state have apparently been kidnapped by Hamas fighters. Close ones of those missing have been asked to hand their belonging to police stations so that DNA samples them”. You are on the right page for more information about the news, so please read the complete article.

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As far as we know, ¬†Benjamin Netanyahu a very famous Israel Prime Minister stated Hamas was responsible for the hostage well being and that Israel would” settle the score with anybody who harms them. The number of Israeli nationals held captive by Hamas is unprecedented’, IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus stated. These are extremely disturbing scenes for any Israeli to see. I do not even want to imagine what the fate of this taken is ” several times greater than what Netanyahu thinks”. Here we have shared all the information that we had if we get any information then we will update you soon. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

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