Vetri Duraisamy Accident: What Happened To Saidai Duraisamy Son?

Shock waves blew from Himachal Pradesh to Chennai when the son of the former mayor of Chennai Saithai Duraisamy, Vetri Duraisamy went missing. According to the reports, the son of former Chennai mayor, Vetri Duraisamy has been reported missing after his car met with an accident in Himachal Pradesh. The driver of the car was found dead and another passenger of the car was found with serious injuries. But Saithai Duraisamy’s son Vetri Duraisamy has been running missing after the accident. Since this news broke out it has been creating a stir and making headlines on every news channel. What happened to Vetri Duraisamy? We have provided all the latest updates in the following sections of this article, about Vetri Duraisamy’s accident. Continue reading this article for more details. Swipe down the page.

Vetri Duraisamy
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What Happened To Vetri Duraisamy? Former Chennai Mayor’s Son Missing After Accident In Himachal Pradesh

Sources have reported that Saithai Duraisamy’s son Vetri Duraisamy went on a trip to the mountains in Himachal Pradesh with his three friends. According to the reports, the car of the former Chennai mayor’s son Vetri Duraisamy initially went missing in Himachal Pradesh after the car met with an accident and sank in the Sutlet River. The authorities launched a search operation for Vetri Duraisamy and his friends. Reportedly, three friends were traveling in a car on the national highway in the Kashang Nala area near the Sutlej river banks. Continue reading this article for more details.

In a shocking turn of events, their car was involved in an accident and fell into the river. When the police found the car they recovered the driver of the car dead but another friend of Vetri Duraisamy, Gopinath from Tirupur, was found alive with several injuries. Adding a layer of perplexion, Vetri Duraisamy was not found near the car. He was reported missing. The Himachal Pradesh Police informed the Chennai Police about the crash.

The Himachal Pradesh is looking into the case. The son of former Chennai mayor Saidai Duraisamy, Vetri Duraisamy is still running missing, adding a layer of fear to his family. His father, Saidai Duraisamy served as the 48th Mayor of Chennai from 2011 to 2016. He was the first Mayor of Chennai for AIADMK. Reportedly, Saidai Duraisamy runs Humanity IAS Academy which provides free coaching for all civil service exams in the state. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates

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