Valiant Laboratories IPO May Open at Rs 162 per share

This is to inform you that the listing date of the initial public offering (IPO) for Valiant Laboratories has been locked. According to the reports, Valiant Laboratories’s IPO will be listed on Friday, October 6, 2023, which means today. The update regarding the listing of Valiant Laboratories IPO was received from a notice issued by BSE that claimed Valiant Laboratories IPO will be effective from Friday, October 6, 2023, and admitted to dealings on the exchange in the list of T Group of Securities. For people who are scrambling to the web regarding the initial public offering of Valiant Laboratories, the following sections are waiting. Below you will find out what is the initial public offering of Valiant Laboratories. Scroll down for more.

Valiant Laboratories

The experts have been predicting the premium percentage and opening price of Valiant Laboratories shares since BSE stated, “Valiant Laboratories IPO is effective from Friday, October 6, 2023, the equity shares of Valiant Laboratories Limited shall be listed and admitted to dealings on the Exchange in the list of ‘T’ Group of Securities.” According to the reports, the share price will open on Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE in a special pre-open session at 9:45 am and the share price of Valiant Laboratories will be available for trade from 10 am during the deals. Kindly note that the scrip for 10 trading days will be in the trade-for-trade segment.

Experts say Valiant Laboratories IPO has been receiving good responses from traders. In addition, the market sentiments also improved during Thursday’s session on Dalal Street. Therefore, the experts are predicting that Valiant Laboratories will debut with a positive impact. What is the opening per share price of Valiant Laboratories? The expectation with Valiant Laboratories IPO listing price is that it may gain from Rs15 to Rs20 per share which means Valiant Laboratories IPO may open in a range of Rs 155 to Rs160.

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Avinash Gorakshkar who is the head of research at Profitmart Securities, said about Valiant Laboratories IPO listing, “The issue has received good response from investors and the secondary market has also witnessed improvement in its bias on Thursday. Hence, I am expecting a positive debut of Valiant Laboratories shares.” Likewise, Aarun Kejriwal who is the founder of Kejriwal Research and Investment Services, also predicted that Valiant Laboratories IPO is expected to open at a premium of up to 15 percent. Thus, investors can expect that the public issue may list around Rs155 to Rs160 apiece levels.

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