V Rising Update Release Date – Include a New Biome Called Gloomrot

The next update for V Rising will add a new biome called Gloomrot, which will have new places to go and enemies to fight. This will add a new chapter to your journey.

This article serves as a summary of all information on the Gloomrot update for V Rising, including the expected release date.

Gloomrot Update Release Date

V Rising Update Release Date
V Rising Update Release Date

On May 17, 2023, the big Gloomrot update for V Rising will come out. The devs describe Gloomrot as “a biome themed around science gone mad, the old and familiar ideas of unchecked ambition and arrogance in the face of the natural order.”

The Gloomrot biome is made up of different parts, each with its own style. The general aesthetics and atmosphere of each zone are described below:

Gloomrot North – The north of Gloomrot is darker and feels more “alive and malevolent” than other parts. The harsh weather is always beating up on the landscape, giving it a heavy, industrial feel that is even mirrored in the natural landscape and plants that manage to stay alive.

Gloomrot South – Pollution and dangerous waste from trials done in the north of Gloomrot flow down into the south, making the area smell bad, look dirty, and feel unsettling. Here resides the majority of Gloomrot’s less affluent citizens, and conditions are dismal. The dead scenery is a sharp contrast to the bright sludge and strange animals that live there.

Gloomrot Mutations – With the horrible experiments to the north and the toxic mutated sludge to the south, many beings and animals have been changed so much that they can no longer be recognized. This has led to the creation of monsters that you will have to fight. Even though they are mean, these creatures are just victims of this cruel and harsh place.

Gloomrot Soundtrack – Each area of Gloomrot looks different, and the new soundtrack for the area, which will have four different tracks and was made by the same person who made the original soundtrack, Aleksandria Migova, will represent this.

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