Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Operation: Twitter reacts ‘Indian jugaad wins over machines,’

Great news is here regarding the Uttarkashi tunnel rescue operation. Now leaving behind machines, Indian ways have left those machines. Because of the Indian ways now, there is great news. Netizens hail rat hole miners. The biggest news is that all the 41 workers who were trapped inside the tunnel have not been rescued by multiple agency operations. Now all the agencies are receiving praise from the netizens and especially are praising the rat hole miners for their accomplishments. Now read this entire article to know how this mission was finished. So read this article till the end and do not miss any line.


Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Operation

According to the source, multiple agencies for rescuing 41 trapped workers have become successful. All the workers are completely safe now. All the workers safely came out of the tunnel on 28th November 2023, Tuesday. This is one of the biggest and happiest news of the current time. On social media, people are now praising all the agencies for making it happen and people are praying for the rat hole miners to accomplish the complex rescue operation. In the rat hole mining technique, two people were included Monu Kumar and Feroze Qureshi. They both are receiving a lot of blessings from the families of all the 41 workers and also receiving praise from Netizens.

All 41 workers finally came out of the Silkyara tunnel safely on the last night. Modu Kumar and Feroze Qureshi were part of a 12-member team of rat hole mining technique experts who were called on Sunday to do the drilling. They were called after the American auger machine came across hurdles while it was clearing the rubble. After the mission became successful, Queroshi said to the media that when he entered the tunnels at that time the workers hugged him and he held him on his shoulder. He also said that he is never going to forget the respect that trapped workers gave him.

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Firoze Qureshi claimed that he removed the last rock. He could see them. After that, he went to the other side so when he went inside the workers hugged him and lifted him. They also thanked all the rescuers for taking them out. The entire team worked continuously in the past 24 hours and he is not able to express his happiness. Firoze Qureshi is an employee of Delhi-based Rockwell Enterprises and also an expert in tunneling work.

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