US strikes Iran-linked weapons in Syria for second time in 2 weeks, 9 killed

Shocking: The United States has now struck Iran-linked weapons in Syria for the second time in two weeks. United States warplanes strike Iran-linked weapons storage facility in Syria. It has been done in response to attacks on American personnel. The warplanes of the US have now carried out a big strike on the Iran-linked weapons storage facility in eastern Syria on 8th November 2023, Wednesday. This news has been recently announced by the officials. Now to know everything about this topic, read this article till the end and do not miss any single thing if you want to learn everything.


According to United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, the United States warplanes have now carried out the strike on an Iran-linked weapons storage facility on 8th November 2023, Wednesday in eastern Syria in response to attacks against the American personnel. this has happened for the second time in two weeks that the US has made a target on the location in Syria which is tied to Iran as it is supporting the array of groups that Washington blames for the spike in attacks on the forces in the Middle East. At this time, the US is now striving to deter Iran and it has representatives from the turning the Israel and Hamas war but because of the continuous attacks and strikes in the response risk a big tension between Tehrana and Washington.

The military forces of the United States have officially conducted the see;f defense strike on the facility in eastern Syria which is being used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and some affiliated groups. The strike was conducted through the two US F-15s. This strike occurred against the weapons storage facility. Recently, Austin has given a statement in which it is claimed that the precision self-defense stroke is the reply to the continuous attacks against the United States personnel in Syria and Iran by the IRGC-Quds Force affiliates. He has also said that the US is now completely prepared to take some measures to protect the individuals and their facilities. Continue reading.

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The Military of the United States hit a total of two facilities in Syria on 26th October 2023 which are being used by the IRGC and affiliated groups. The strike has not caused the casualties. Washington has said that the starting two were in response to an attack on the United States personnel who has now been targeted more than 40 times with rockets and drones from 17th October 2023. But because of the recent strike total of 9 people lost their lives.

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