US says concerned’ over Justin Trudeau’s claim of India’s ‘role’ in death of Nijjar

India-Canada fight continues: This fight hasn’t been stopped yet. This fight was started when Canada made an allegation against India and claimed that India has a big hand in the killing of Nijjar who was a Khalistani terrorist. In this fight, the US has jumped in and said that they are deeply concerned over Justin Trudeau’s claim of India’s role in the death of the Khalistani terrorist. The US has expressed deep concern because of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s allegations about India’s involvement in the shooting of Nijjar. Netizens are currently reacting to this news. Read this entire article till the last and learn everything about this news.


Recently, the US has expressed deep concern over Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s allegation of the Indian government as they are involved in the shooting of the Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Some days back, the Canadian prime minister claimed that India was allegedly involved in the killing of Harshdeep Singh Nijjar. Canada has blamed India that they have killed the Khalistani terrorist outside a Gurdwara in Canada Surrey, British Columbia. The Khalistani terrorist was killed on 18th June 2023. Now the government of the US said to the Indian government to cooperate with the Canadian investigation and has said that these are really responsible are brought back to justice.

On 3rd October 2023, Tuesday, the United States Department Principal Deputy Spokesperson, Vedant Patel said in a press conference that, they are deeply concerned about the blame given by the PM of Canada, Trudeau and they are currently in contact with the Canadian partners. He also said that this is really crucial that Canada’s investigation has now proceeded and it has been brought to justice. They are privately and publically urged by the Indian government to cooperate in the investigation by the Canadian government.

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The Prime Minister of Canada stated a statement in a recent debate that Canada’s national security has some reasons because of that it is expected that the Indian RAW agents are responsible for the killing of the Khalistani terrorist, Nijjar. In the reply to these allegations by Canada, India has given a hard reply and the Indian government has also denied the allegation. Sources say that till now Canada has not given any evidence regarding these allegations. The PM of Canada also claimed that Ottawa wants to work constructively with India. Keep following techballad to learn some more information about this controversy between India and Canada.

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