US Congress Passes Bill To Fund Govt For 45 Days

Today’s main headline is that the US House of Representatives has passed the proposal to fund the US government to avoid the risk of a US Shutdown. According to the reports, this major development was made amid the warning of shutdown for not funding the government. Reportedly, the US House has passed the bill to fund the US government for 45 days. This bill was reported passed on Saturday night followed by a signature of President Joe Biden. The US House also passed a last-minute bill on Saturday night. In the following sections of this article, everything has been mentioned that you need to know about the US Shutdown. Swipe down the page and read more details.


US House Passes Bill To Fund Government

On Saturday night, the US House agreed to fund the government for the next 45 days. Nevertheless, it is also said that if the party hardlines oust Kevin McCarthy who is the top US House Republican, would be removed from the position of speaker in the US House. Kevin McCarthy would be removed as speaker of the house to avert the costly shutdown of the US Government on Saturday with a stopgap bill that received more support from Democrats than Republicans. Continue reading this article for more details.

Will McCarthy be removed as Speaker?

After passing the bill to fund the government for the next 45 days, the US House of Speaker was targeted by the Republican conservatives. According to the reports, the Republican conservatives pointed a Kevin McCarthy to claim he had scored a victory for the Uniparty of Washington. They demanded the removal of Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House. Andy Biggs, who is a Republican Representative took to X formerly known as Twitter, to write, “Should he remain Speaker of the House?” Therefore, the speaker of the House decided to carry out a confidence motion to bring a vote on a measure that could win Democratic support, despite being aware that it could also jeopardize his role as a speaker. Kevin McCarthy said, “Go ahead and try.”

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However, Democrats suggested that they would support Kevin McCarthy if the ouster attempt happened at a critical time. Others suggested that they could support a moderate Republican willing to share the gavel with them and allow power-sharing within House committees. While rest of the house members did not show interest in any of the speaker candidates from House Democratic leader Hakeen Jeffries.

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