US Calls On Iran To Stop Exporting Arms To Militants And Terrorists

Breaking News: Now the United States has called on Iran to stop exporting arms to militants and terrorists. This has been done because of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. And US has also proposed a draft UN resolution that supports Israel’s right to defend itself and demands Iran stop exporting arms to militants. It has been inspected that the damage has occurred after Israel did a strike at a mosque which now Israeli military has said it is being used by militants to organize the attacks in Jenin refugee camp on 22nd October 2023, Sunday in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

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On 21st October 2023, Saturday, the United States proposed a draft UN Security Council resolution stating that Israel has a full right to defend itself and also demanded that Israel stop exporting arms to the militant and terrorist groups that are threatening the price and security gross the region. It has been officially called for the protection of the civilians which includes the people who are trying to receive security and safety. The states have to comply with international law when they respond to terrorist attacks and also urge continuous and sufficient delivery to aid to the Gaza Strip.

According to the source, it is not clear right now that the United States has planned to put the draft resolution to a vote. If they had to pass the resolution they have to regulate the needs for approximately nine votes in favor and they do not need any votes from China, the United States, France, Britain, and Russia. This move by the US comes after they vetoed a Brazilian that drafted a text on Wednesday and it has called off the humanitarian pause on the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants so that it can officially allow to give aid to Gaza.

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It has been announced that more than hundreds of tanks and armed soldiers are awaiting the green light from the political and military leadership for ground war near the Gaza border. Currently, Europe and the United States are requesting Israel to make a delay in the operation. Both governments have acknowledged a very high chance of a ground invasion by Israel. So everybody is just urging Israel to make a temporary delay in the operation. There is a very diplomatic situation right now. More information regarding this war will be updated very soon on techballad till then keep following.

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